Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fungi galore and flowers add more

A few members of Chorley Natural History Society met at Rivington for a Fungal foray. A beech tree that was felled a few years ago usually has interesting fungi and didn't let us down this year with 8 species identified growing on it - lots of Sulphur Tuft, Glistening & Fairy Inkcaps, Sheathed Woodtuft, Turkeytail, Smoky Bracket, Artist's Bracket and Purple Jellydisc. A dead Willow tree had Blushing Bracket, whilst a fallen branch had the white jelly now known as Crystal Brain (Exidea nucleata) with obvious white granules/crystals visible inside. Nearby under trees were groups of Russet Toughshank and several Common Earthballs and one Ochre Brittlegill was found. Another dead tree had 2 Stereums, Hairy Curtain Crust & Bleeding Broadleaf Crust. Unfortunately, no fungi at all were found in the Pinetum!

Crystal Brain below
My thanks to Joyce Riley for both the identification of the various fungi and the first part of the posting 

Later in the same week,other sharp eyed members of the Society had let me know about two different flowers that tend to appear irregularly. Autumn crocus was observed at the western side of Astley Park. We mainly receive records from the Adlington area

And sowbread (cyclamen) was noted at the Chisnall reclamation site. It is at least three years since we had a record of this plant, so we enjoyed its return
It was not the only returning species. On Monday October 1st I heard some redwings flying over Cuerden Valley Park. Although lovely to hear and see, I had already got these in my challenge from the first winter period of this year

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