Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cuerden Winter Bird Walk.

I hold this walk each year for the Friends of Cuerden Valley Park. We started in light rain which stopped after about 15 minutes. The feeders outside the Barn had blue, great and coal tits, with two dunnock and a few robins as well. Taking the main track towards the lake we saw a buzzard in one of the trees closer to the river. As we continued down the path we saw several Canada geese and amongst them two Lesser Canada. A flock of redwing  were flying up and down from the trees to the field and back. We estimated there to be about 100. Continuing down the path we crossed the swollen river Lostock and then up to the lake. A pair of goosander were in the North Eastern corner with a few mallard. As we were viewing these through the telescope a treecreeper came very close to us in one of the nearby trees.

 Moorhen and coot were also noted amongst the larger group of about 80 mallard. We descended the steps and headed towards the wooden bridge. Just by the oxbow lake we had about 20 siskin noisily feeding in an alder tree. A quick tour round Icehouse wood only revealed more tree-creeper and a rude man with his dog walking amongst the sheep. Several wood pigeon and blue tits passed over on our way back to the Barn where collared dove seemed to be getting amorous on the roof

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