Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have just been to Northampton for the A Rocha UK 10th anniversary conference. We did take a break and had a walk in the nearby Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve. Mainly birds but someone did see a fox and the inevitable grey squirrel. Collared dove, goldfinch, greenfinch and scores of crows and woodpigeon were our first group of avian observation. We passed a field with several yellow meadow ant mounds, so were not surprised to hear the unmistakeable yaffle of the green woodpecker. A flock gulls nearby on the field contained common and black headed, some of which had their heads just starting to change to dark chocolate brown. As we were scanning the higher trees for a successful view of a great spotted woodpecker a lesser black backed gull passed in front of our binoculars. A song thrush was getting in some good practice and a goldcrest tested our patience by being elusive. Signs of spring were also evident botanically with snowdrops and lesser celandine being observed. Our break passed too quickly and we returned to our venue for a hot cup of tea. .

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