Thursday, September 1, 2011

There be dragons

I recently visited a friend on my way from Lee Abbey and had seen an interesting looking large pool nearby. I asked if we could investigate one morning. As you can see, we couldn't. We returned later once the sun had burned off the mist. Several cobwebs had been turned into works of art glistening in the newly emerged sun
We were here for odonata not pearls. Swallows were feeding over the surface of the water, and two men with cameras were busy trying to photograph a dragonfly. I eventually managed to get a passable shot 

There were a few different dragonflies around and we saw Black Darter as well as Black tailed Skimmer. I saw a pair of blue tailed damselflies mating and then a single emerald. There was also a migrant hawker close by, but never close enough to take his portrait. Other avian neighbours were some young buzzards mewing all the time, a young male kestrel and a stonechat

I hope to return here to obtain better shots than these

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