Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last week in February

Not all my sightings are on special trips, in fact most will be when I am surveying round Cuerden Valley Park or  other tasks with the various charities for whom I volunteer. These are A Rocha UK, Lancs Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Lancashire Badger Group and I keep a record of flowering dates for Chorley Natural History Society. Saturday 25th Feb was the morning I led Cuerden Watch/Wildlife Explorers group. We were searching for animal tracks in the valley. At the start it seemed mainly dog tracks until we went to a more secluded part of the Park. One of the Junior Leaders found some interesting tracks under the bark of a piece of wood found on the ground. I have discovered it is almost impossible to identify which beetle grub made these.

We then saw some roe deer tracks and poured some Plaster of Paris into the print so we had a permanent record. On our return journey I saw a primrose in flower and also some Dog's Mercury.
Tuesday 28th I had to go to Mere Sands Wood and took advantage of the visit to have a look round. At Rufford hide there was a crowd of folk with cameras. The reason was the presence of two bitterns quite close to the hide. On my way home I called at a private site and was rewarded by the sight of two short-eared owls. Finally as I was getting back into the car I spotted both opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage and common mouse-ear. The picture is of the Golden saxifrage and was taken by my brother.

Total now 214

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