Saturday, April 7, 2012

What kind of fool

Saturday and Sunday March31/April1. I went to Waddow Hall in Clitheroe for a weekend training in conjunction with RSPB Wildlife Explorers. I took a new junior leader who wants to get involved with my Wildlife Explorer/Watch group. Most of the time was indoors, but we did get chance to be involved in a variety of activities outdoors. On the river we saw goosander, and dipper, whilst in the woods, blackcap, chiffchaff, song thrush and a drumming great spotted woodpecker reminded us that, despite an early morning frost - spring is here. I did not stay the night and as I set off the Sunday morning, the first thing that said good morning was some wild garlic under the oak tree just outside my house. this was after scraping ice off my windscreen.

 April had fooled us into thinking the cold weather had gone. Then in the woodland at Waddow, a common dog violet tried unsuccessfully to stay hidden. I was glad to spot white dead nettle, cuckoo pint and a bee bombus pascuorum.
Monday 2 April Fooled again by the weather. Spring returned to winter, my daughter driving to work in snow.
Tuesday April 3, I had to get involved in shopping again. It's a pity that normal life interferes with my challenge.A quick visit to Withnell Fold meant I spotted common dog violet, chiffchaff, jackdaw, great spotted woodpecker, and a lichen I have yet to identify.
Wednesday April 4 I had childminding duties to perform in bitter conditions. I had decided to take Aiden to Brockholes to have a try on the playground. He was thrilled. I was less so having seen the snow on Pendle Hill. I did take a quick look in Boilton wood and found wood stitchwort a, good mix of early flowers and more cuckoo pint,
Thursday April 5th We went from Arctic weather back to Bahamas weather. I went to the scramble track to look for otter footprints. Our companion found some prints whose identity have still to be confirmed. On our return journey seeing great horsetail, hartstongue, small tortoiseshell, lots nuthatch, 6 chiffchaff,  mistle thrush, cuckoo flower and bee fly brought the grand total to 290

By evening the Arctic conditions had returned but we still went to the final rehearsal for the Preston Passion.
GOOD FRIDAY. I took part in the Preston Passion, a re-telling of the Good Friday story. A reminder that Jesus came not only to restore the broken relations between man and his Creator, but to bring the whole of creation, birds, bees, bugs, bovines, human beings and all things botanical back to glorious harmony with each other.

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