Sunday, January 29, 2012

A few bonuses

On Tuesday Jan 17, I visited Brockholes  LWT reserve and as I commenced my walk a huge flock of lapwing circled the car park. I went on towards the public footpath to check out the feeding station. tree sparrow, reed bunting, blue and great tit were busy filling up with seed. I then heard a song thrush practising his song not too far away from where we have seen a song thrush anvil. On the edge of Boilton wood I paused so as not to disturb a roe deer feeding at the edge. It spotted me, and with a jump that could win a gold medal at the Olympics, was over the fence and gone. Fourteen redwings in the top of the trees there were also a delight to see and hear.

 It had been a very dull day and the wood being quite dark, I was not surprised to hear a female tawny owl. I then spotted a discarded fishing stool so I picked it up and took it back to the disposal skip. I then reversed my route on the Ribble Way to look over No1 pit. Tufted ducks, goldeneyes, pochards and  shovelers were all in abundance. I checked through the gulls and was thrilled to spot one Mediterranean Gull. There were also some great crested grebes here. this brought my total to 146
Friday Jan 20. There had been reports of a black redstart in Chorley, so I went for a search. It proved wet and fruitless. Or at least for that bird. I did have the pleasure of seeing the regular peregrine on Morrison's chimney. taxa number 147

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