Thursday, January 12, 2012

A few days bits

A few days together here because I did not do much searching. I still have to get on with regular jobs as well but often this brings its own delights. Monday 9th Jan I was filling up the feeders just outside the Barn on Cuerden when two stunning male bullfinches waited impatiently for me to get on with it and on my return to my car a great spotted woodpecker called in alarm as I approached his tree. I went to the south end of the Park to check the water level of the river and managed to see a grey wagtail, a goldcrest drinking at the edge of the river,  and two dippers together. Could this be the start of courtship?

 On Tuesday I walked up to the Barn and saw the two regular roe deer in the field by the main path down to the river. They calmly lifted their heads as though to say " Why is this old man interrupting our breakfast ?" Several other folk have mentioned how obliging they are. I then went on that most enjoyable of pursuits - weekly shopping; (joy uncontrollable)

Wednesday I had planned to lead a walk at Brockholes and went down early to see what was around. Mainly drizzle which made observing stuff problematic in the morning. I had noticed a heron and a mute swan on Meadow Lake as I entered. They had their usual entourage of aggressive coots and noisy mallards. I then spotted an oxeye daisy still in flower. The winter really has been wierd. I walked towards the river and saw a few reed buntings at the feeder and was followed for several hundred yards up the Ribble Way by a kestrel. We had a pleasant Midweek Meander pointing out the high levels of water, the song thrush anvil, the tree sparrow block of flats and the long horned cattle. As our guests departed my brother Jim came into the office with a furry caterpillar. Conservation comes before administration for Sophie and we tried to find out what it was.However none of us were able to positively identify the beast.
Thursday I went to fill up the feeders again and called in to see Graham Jones. He very kindly keeps any moths he has caught, so I can add them to my list. He showed me a chestnut moth which I photographed and when asked, said he was confident the caterpillar from yesterday was a ruby tiger.
The chestnut made my total up to 117

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