Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to Brockholes

Another walk round Brockholes to familiarise myself with the site. We started off to the sound of a skylark interrupted by a single redshank calling and flying nearby. As we reached the river we heard the chattering of sand martins and then saw about half a dozen over the river.Walking through the plantation one of our party spotted a song thrush anvil with several snail shells scattered by it. On to the Ribble Way where amongst the chaffinch we heard and saw a tree sparrow. One added flower in bloom compared to last week was opposite-leaved Golden Saxifrage. The chiffchaff said hello and in reply another first time song - blackcap. Through the woods and on to Nook pond where a Barnacle Goose had joined the Canada Geese. It was a beautiful sunny day which brought out a few Peacock Butterflies

On arrival back at the offices I also spotted another first flowering plant. Ivy leaved Toadflax

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