Friday, March 11, 2011

Feb 22 and 28 at Kem Mill

Early morning check at Kem Mill revealed little river activity until I saw the mink on the opposite bank of the Lostock. On the lodge there were a few mallard, moorhen and coot. Generally around I saw pheasant,wren, goldfinch, mallard, sparrowhawk, mistle thrush singing and long tailed tit. A goldcrest, bravely drinking at the river edge was a joy to watch

At Woodend there were still the 20+ bramblings, some bullfinch and a few siskin

I started doing some litter picking and noted colt's foot out in flower. Continuing down stream I heard the unmistakable piping of a kingfisher and was excited to hear another kingfisher respond. I stayed as still as I could and was rewarded by seeing both birds fly upstream together. A little further on were a pair of grey wagtail and near where I had parked my car two dippers

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