Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunny Bleasedale

I went to Bleasedale village Hall for a brown hare training course. Driving up the road towards the school, I had to slow down to avoid some red legged partridge. The feeding station by the hall was packed with blue tits, coal tits, chaffinch and the occasional greenfinch.

 After some instruction about hares we set off on a walk to Fairsnape Farm and back. The early spring sunshine made it an ideal day for observing any wildlife.A few pairs of lapwing were displaying and a flock of about 80 starlings kept flying over. We saw several hares, most were running but two or three were squatting down which made it difficult to see them. We had lunch at Fairsnape as well as being interviewed by Stephen Lowe of Radio Lancashire. As we set off after lunch a sparrowhawk flashed past, but we didn't see what it was after. More lapwing and a pair of redshank kept us alert but the walk ended without any more new sightings.

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